October 2009

“Faith [G4102 assurance; fidelity; root G3982 persuade; trust; obey; have confidence; believe] *OF* Christ”; Rom 6:4 Therefore we are buried with him by baptism [BAPTISED COMMUNITY; A NEW AND LIVING WAY] into death: that like as Christ was raised up from the dead by the glory of the Father, even so we also should *walk* [G4043 be occupied; to make one’s way; progress; to live; to regulate one’s life; to conduct one’s self] in newness [G2538 in the new state of life in which the Holy Spirit places us; G2537 a new kind; as respect to “form and substance”] of life [WALK IN *NEWNESS* OF LIFE; MESSIAH]; ** FAITH *OF* = LIVING FAITH ** — many have “faith *in* Christ” [secular-Christian-ity; the COG Inc.] but “faith *of* the world”, the “lie” as [dead] systemic [belief in; conviction of the truth of; trust in MAMMON]; Romans 6:6 Knowing this, that our old man is crucified with him, that the body of sin might be destroyed [the works of the devil], that *henceforth* [at this moment, and from now on] WE SHOULD NOT SERVE [G1398 be in bondage; do service; to obey; to yield obedience to; to give one’s self up to; G1401 one who gives himself up to another’s will; a servant] SIN – WE ARE TO GIVE OURSELVES TO GOD’S WILL, AS HIS SERVANTS [ministrants], *NOT* SATAN – WE MUST BELIEVE GOD AND TRUST IN HIM, WE MUST LIVE BY FAITH *OF* CHRIST [as “the Anointed”] – WE ARE RECONCILED TO GOD BY CHRIST’S DEATH, WE ARE JUSTIFIED [freed; righteousness] BY CHRIST’S FAITH [faith *of*; ** His “being and doing” now ours **], AND WE ARE SAVED BY CHRIST’S LIFE: Galatians 2:20 I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, ** but Christ liveth in me ** [we *are* Christ come in the flesh, His very body]: AND THE LIFE WHICH I *NOW* LIVE IN THE FLESH I LIVE BY THE FAITH *OF* THE SON OF GOD, WHO LOVED ME, AND *GAVE* HIMSELF [as “gift”] FOR ME.


Our observance of Passover and Days of Unleavened Bread [ULB] signifies this Living Faith [the seven annual Holy Days provide a deep understanding of God and of our place within His Family], Christ in us, in understanding Jesus Christ and our Baptism, the deep meaning and significance, YET WE DENY OUR RESPONSE-ABILITY(-IES) by our chosen “corporate form and its work”; the “lie” [strong delusion] – we acknowledge the Holy Spirit but NOT its working [working the selfsame Spirit], the ministration of its, and our, very gifts – the deep meaning and significance of the “bread” and “wine” includes the fact that we are “CHRIST COME IN THE FLESH”, that we are the very Body of Christ [His flesh and blood] and “washing each other’s feet” includes the fact of preparing and supporting each other’s ministry in deep humility and love !! – 1 Cor 11:27 Wherefore whosoever shall eat this bread [** UNLEAVENED BREAD ** OF SINCERITY AND TRUTH; MANNA; CHRIST, THE BREAD OF LIFE], and drink [this] cup [EXPERIENCE; LIVING WAY (our life = Ministry)] of the Lord, *unworthily*, shall be guilty [G1777 subject to; liable] of the body and blood of the Lord [SUBJECT TO THE “BODY” AND “BLOOD” OF CHRIST] … 29 For he that eateth and drinketh *unworthily* [G371 in an unworthy manner; G370 unfit for a thing; G514 befitting; congruous; corresponding to a thing; AS BEFITTING CHRIST HIMSELF; AS GOD IS SO ARE WE IN THE WORLD], eateth and drinketh *damnation* (2 Thess 2:10) [G2917 judgment, root G2919] to himself, ** not discerning ** [G1252 make a distinction; to separate] the Lord’s body – WE MUST COME OUT OF EGYPT, THE SINS OF THIS WORLD [physically and spiritually (the COG Inc.); we must withdraw, separate from the pharaoh’s, the self-ordained], ** WE MUST MAKE THE DISTINCTION BETWEEN MAMMON AND MESSIAH, OR ELSE WE TAKE THE PASSOVER UNWORTHILY; WE MUST DISCERN [to recognize as separate or different; to perceive or recognize the difference] THE BODY OF CHRIST ** –  this has been, and is, ** our failure ** as the COG, and our spiritual illness is the result: 1 Cor 11:30 For this cause [not discerning] many are weak and sickly [G732 sick; without strength] among you, and many sleep. 31 For if we would judge [G1252 discern; contend; separate] ourselves, we should not be judged [G2919 condemn (damned)].

*Only* God can know God, and it is “God in us”, that enables us to know Him, and to be response-“able” for Christ’s Ministry, NOW also *our* Ministry: the ministration of God’s Spirit, according to His Will and Purpose; the deep spiritual meaning of Passover includes the knowledge and acceptance of Christ ** living His life ** in our flesh [His very flesh now our flesh (unleavened bread); His “life” blood now our blood (cup of wine)] and of *our* Ministry, the very Ministry of Jesus Christ !! – THIS MUST BE OUR CONSCIOUSNESS, *NOT* WHAT IS PREVALENT IN-AND-OF THE WORLD [the hierarchy; COG INC.], STRIVING AGAINST THE SPIRIT AND DENYING GOD, DENYING OURSELVES GOD !! – those claiming the ministry of others, and then the support of those taken from, are of the SYNAGOGUE of SATAN, the ANTI-ANOINTED, and do *NOT* discern the Body of Christ, they believe the LIE [because they received *NOT* the “love” of the truth; GOD = LOVE, THEY RECEIVED NOT GOD !!] — the COG Inc., curricula [church as college; Ministers decreed in dogma by Degree], activities, media programming and religious indoctrination all portray corporatized-hierarchical, Mammonized ideas and institutions, in support of an apocalyptic creed and warning work; ** THIS PORTRAYAL OF GOD IS A BETRAYAL, A LIE **.

The “public” has increasingly come to mean “low-income interests” – the “general public” has been corporatized into “private interest” interests and dependent upon it – the governments at all levels in what is now Americanada Inc., are mostly “private interest in public office” and their unrestrained policies and legislation reflect this change; ** TRUE DEMOCRATIC-FASCISM HAS BEEN FIRMLY ENTRENCHED ** — violent media = aggressive behavior [incl., criminal behavior]; we are “forced” every day into compliance, even forced to ignore the injustice we see around us – the violence includes forced opinions [imposed], competition and waste of human and natural resources, environmental destruction, business and nationalism [we are forced into complicity in order to survive: the systemic provides all (imposed sole provider)] – BLESSED ARE THE *PEACE* MAKERS vs. EVIL WORKS, the violence: the unjust or callous [lacking pity, mercy (** LACKING GOD **); unfeeling; insensitive; *privilege and the resultant attitude*] use of force or power, as in violating another’s rights, sensibilities, etc., and the harm done by this; violation of conscience, and the distortion of meaning; THE IMPOSITION TO SUSTAIN AND MAINTAIN: ECONOMIC TERROR-ISM [the fear emotive], MAMMONIZATION OF LIFE, OF GOD, FOR PRIVATE PRIVILEGE; GOD = AN INNATE ** SENSITIVITY ** TO LIFE; GOD IS LIFE.

What determines your consciousness, your very “mind”, what channel are you tuned in to [resonance of mind], what “carrier-wave” is broad-casting to you [Satan is described as the “prince of the power of the air”] and “why” are you [able to] receiving it ?? – our channel selector MUST BE SELECTIVE: we are hard-wired now into this world, WE ARE DIRECTLY CONNECTED, PLUGGED IN; WE MUST REFUSE [we must unplug] WHAT IS PREPARED FOR US TO INGEST [contaminated bread], TO CONDITION AND SICKEN US [to receive the spirit of bondage to fear; (Rom 8:15), the controlling emotive]: THE “BROAD” WAY OF CONFUSION AND SIN, MAKING SIN BANAL [COMMONPLACE, ORDINARY; *OF NO DEFINITION*], MAKING EVIL EXCITING, EVEN SEEMINGLY GOOD – GOD “NARROW-CASTS” TO US; HIS CARRIER-WAVE IS PIN-POINT ACCURATE: God’s Holy Spirit and the Word of Life enables us to “resonate with God” [not with this world (out of sync with God)], TO WALK IN THE CHARACTER OF GOD vs. a systemic of sin/evil – 1 Peter 4:1 Foreasmuch then *as* Christ hath suffered “for us in the flesh”, ARM [G3695 to provide; take on the same mind; G3696 weapon; instrument; armour; (to be busy about)] YOURSELVES LIKEWISE ** WITH THE SAME MIND ** [MIND OF GOD]: for he [the Christian] that hath suffered [G3958 to be vexed; passion; to feel; to be affected; experience] in the flesh [G4561 CARNALLY MINDED] [= THE CALL OF GOD (God *changes* the experience, the cognizance of it; the God Factor vs. the “fear” factor)] ** hath CEASED from sin ** — THE CARNAL, MAMMONIZED DEFINITION OF GOD MUST BE REJECTED, a definition in support of the “Hired”-archy, who must be withdrawn from: ** WE MUST CEASE **; OUR WEAPON AND ARMOR IS OUR REFUSAL TO PARTICIPATE !! – SIN IS THE VIOLATION [to use force or violence; to assault; to break (a law, rule, promise, etc.); ** breach **; to profane] OF GOD’S CHARACTER, OF OUR GOD-ING, OF OUR GOD !! – the simplicity of Christ, the loving of one another, is complicated, and denied, by the very “adversarial” systemic that *we are*; WE MUST BECOME AS GOD !! — VESTED (ABSOLUTE) CORPORATE INTEREST [and our acceptance (complacent or active = complicit)] IS SATANIC, THE MIND OF SATAN [our every thought brought to the Adversary, ** in fear ** (= bondage)].

The intentional [or unintentional (*the result of the intentional*)], purposeful, selective “blending” of fact and fiction [created mythic] creates our memories and therefore our very *self*, our mind/awareness [our being and doing]; IT IS DECEPTION: TRUTH IS RE-DEFINED, GOOD AND EVIL BECOME ONE; the knowledge of good *and* evil becomes “mixed confusion” [BABYLON; there is NO distinction made between Holy and profane] – our exposure reconstructs our memories [by redefining the experience; we become “self”-deceived, and then the very deception itself]; FEAR IS THE ETCHING EMOTIVE OF DECEPTION, AND IS SELF-PROPAGATING – ONLY GOD [AGAPE LOVE] CAN REMOVE AND ERASE THE FEAR, and the systemic employed by Satan is directly aimed at eradicating God’s love, it is his primary target [business is the negation of God in all of our relationships] – the imposed “hierarchy” employed within the COG Inc. [and its use of fear], is the primary deception, the lie, used to deny and re-define God within the COG: WE MUST WITHDRAW THE “SELF” FROM THIS DECEPTION, WE MUST RETURN TO THE MIND OF GOD – any “use” of fear, is the use, the employment, of Satan — our “self” becomes “one” with God: only together is “self” self; WE BECOME ONE, YET DISTINCT: *OUR*-SELVES; SELF *CANNOT* EXIST ALONE, IT WILL DIE — FEAR = BONDAGE OF SELF TO OTHER SELF’S, *not* together, *not* our-selves, but bound [yoked] for the purpose of self, self-ishness [= DEATH]; where the bondage is equated with survival [yet is actually death of self]; the fear-systemic is predicated upon social *bonds* that are purely self-preservative, YET, THE VERY “SOCIETY OF FEAR” IS HELD TOGETHER BY THE GOD EMOTIVE [impulse]: THE FAMILY RELATIONSHIPS AND FRIENDSHIPS THAT FIGHT THE FEAR EMOTIVE – ** we must recognize this **, we must SUFFER IN THE FLESH [** GOD AWARENESS, THE MIND OF GOD **] AND ACCEPT GOD, AND *CEASE* FROM SIN AND ITS SYSTEMIC: God is FREEDOM and LIFE !!

FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD: we must hold Christ [mind of God], we must have “faith of” Christ, we must *be* Christ [a Christ-ian, our very Being] and we must share Christ [our Christian-ity, our very Doing]; SELF WITH GOD, AS GOD ** IN RELATIONSHIP ** [GOD-SELF = OUR-SELVES; FAMILY/COMMUNITY OF GOD] – Living Faith is a relationship with God and with the other [self/selves]; ** TO BELIEVE [commit unto; trust] ON CHRIST [the work of God] IS TO SHARE [minister] CHRIST IN AGAPE LOVE ** – Christ requires a life partner [wife(/COG)] and so do we [wife/husband]; ONE FLESH — WE ARE EACH OTHER, one person’s death is *our* death; the body slowly dying: WE ARE KILLING OURSELVES for our perceived vested interests; Matt 24:22, Mark 13:20 … no flesh [spiritually; Christ come in the flesh] *saved* [G4982 sozo] [some transl., saved alive] [Salvation; Faith *with* works]: but for the “elect’s” sake, whom he hath chosen, he hath shortened the days; 1 Peter 4:18 … the righteous scarcely [G3433 hardly; *with difficulty*; not easily] saved [G4982 sozo]; WE MUST DO OUR PART FOR THE RETURN OF CHRIST, WE WHO ARE RESPONSE-ABLE [who have the response-ability, the ability to respond; the Holy Spirit], THE COG !! – we must get over ourselves, our selfishness, our carnality, OUR SHAME !! – we have a difficult work [G3433 root G3425, toil] to do: WE NEED GOD AS NEVER BEFORE !! – Luke 18:8 … Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth [G1093, arable land (the truth; COG)] ?? – OUR ANSWER MUST BE ** YES **; WE MUST BE SAVED *ALIVE* NOT DEAD [second death, requiring fire and brimstone to purify and cleanse (the pure and purifying Word of God)]; WE ARE SO SPIRITUALLY ILL, THAT WE WILL BE SCARCELY ALIVE, EVEN AFTER THE DIFFICULT TOIL WAITING FOR US.

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