The Systemic is SELF-DEFINING, ie., the S&L debacle, the Dot.Com’s, Enron and Worldcom-MCI [criminal fraud], and the present “world financial crisis” [Sep.2008-present; the theft of the past, present and future]; “generally accepted accounting practises” = the *lack* of accountability, responsibility, trust — corporate politico-business, and self-defined Christian-ity [most professing Christ-ians, including the COG Inc.], DO *NOT* FIT INTO GOD’S DEFINITION(S) !! – individually our “being and doing” define us; WE MUST PUT ON ** THE CHRIST DEFINITION **, THE AGAPE RELATIONSHIP WITH ALL THINGS, this is what must be RESTORED !! – WORK [G2716 perform, accomplish, achieve; root G2041 ergon, instrumentality] OUT ** YOUR OWN SALVATION ** IN RESPECT AND AWE [Phil 2:12], IN FELLOWSHIP, IN CONCERT WITH OTHERS, YOUR CITIZENSHIP [G4176 politeuomai – live – let (one’s) conversation be 1) to be a citizen 2) to administer civil affairs, manage the state 3) to make or create a citizen 3a) to be a citizen 3b) to behave as a citizen; to avail one’s self of or recognise the laws; to conduct one’s self as pledged to some law of life] WORTHY OF THE GOSPEL OF CHRIST [Phil 1:27] – people seek comfort [self-worth; assurance; validation]; WE MUST PROVIDE THE COMFORT, THE AGAPE RELATIONSHIP, GOD WILL PROVIDE THE COMFORTER TO MAKE IT ALL POSSIBLE: THE COMFORTER PROVIDES THE COMFORT, WE HAVE THE RESPONSE-ABILITY, the MINISTRATION of “God’s” spiritual gifts !! vs. the ** lack of comfort ** that drives the self-medication [sex, food, drugs, media, appearance, status, etc.] within the comfortless systemic, and this includes tribalization: selfish family, selfish Christ-ian-ity, politics, etc. – WE HAVE BEEN FITTED FOR ROBES OF RIGHTEOUSNESS, MEASURED *BY* CHRIST [upon repentance and Baptism], THEY MUST *REMAIN* WHITE, PURE, *NOT* FILTHY RAGS NEEDING TO BE WASHED IN THE BLOOD OF CHRIST, IN SHAME !!