Systemic failure [true face shown]/greed, dishonesty = T$’s lost in share value, etc. [manipulated stock market profit = gain at another’s loss] – “insider” trading [inside knowledge used prior to public release] vs. “disclosure rules/law” – auditors-regulators-brokers complicit [monetary mechanisms, use of trading indicator(s), fraudulent schemes] – government “politico-business” loath to risk offending the corporations [the SAGE] will result in cosmetic laws, selective prosecution(s) – public monies, pension funds, etc., at risk; “investor victimization” is the result of a “lack of knowledge”; INVESTORS MUST DEFEND THEMSELVES BY KNOWLEDGE AND APPLICATION OF THE SAME – use of “corporate monies”, investing in corporatism, maintaining MAMMON, will change nothing, it is the NATURE OF THE BEAST – WE MUST *CHOOSE* A NEW SYSTEMIC, THE ** CHRIST-SYSTEMIC **, A NEW NATURE
OF INTER-ACTION !! — governmental “leaders” are complicit in the very same practises [public and private], as is “their” governments: THE PUBLIC MUST OVERCOME THE INSTILLED FEAR AND TAKE CONTROL OF THEIR LIVES [the “earning” of public confidence by those in power, as a controlling, regulating mechanism, is a myth; the violation of a manipulated and created “public trust”, that is of itself a violation of the very same public] !! – THE SYSTEMIC OFFERS US NO CHOICE BUT ITSELF, UNDER THREAT, BUT GOD DOES, UNDER *PROMISE* !! – IT IS UP TO EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US, acting individually and then collectively *as* community !!