There is a “realization” growing, but will it take root in “good ground”, will it result in “conscientious objection”, THE CALL OF GOD, TO HIM, HIS SYSTEMIC ?? – will the symptoms disclose the disease, or will it go unrecognized, or worse, ignored, again ?? – society must choose a “new body”, the body of Christ, and the COG must pluck out, cut off, and cast away its infected parts, the “Inc.” [Matt 5:29-30, 18:7-9, Mark 9:43-47] !! – our “locked and gated” selfish-communities must be unlocked, opened, and shared freely, without claim [without money, without price (Isa 52:3, 55:1)], ** TO FREELY SHARE *ALL* THAT GOD HAS FREELY SHARED WITH US ** — we must be emancipated from the “master” of NEED, the systemic slavery [the commodification of life] and the hierarchical, authoritarian model engendered – the secular understanding of this is loosely termed libertarian-anarchism, or communitarianism, but when you add God’s consciousness as governing principle, it becomes the Christ-Systemic, not just another  “-ism”, a form of business – Human self-realization is only possible through God, His freedom and liberty given as gift; the beginning of self-realization leads to conscientious objection which in turn leads either to the Call of God [seeing beyond self] or to the opposite, selfish individualism [just another form of authoritarianism, an imposed will of others, a rejection of the God relationship].