You cannot “vote out” those who you did not “vote in”, those behind the elected body(-ies), those who actually “govern” and “manage” society, those beneath the visible, moulded surface [the face behind the mask]: the SAGE, those whose interest(s) *are* the “national interest(s)”, those of concentrated global power and position, the oligarchy who socialize costs and risks onto the public-Nation, the corporate global elite, whose “might is right” – this corporate-consciousness [and its “high priests”] is NOT a “conspiracy theory”, it is an instilled and imposed way of “being and doing” [a variant, yet 6000 years old; the “US” of America was founded within it, and by it; “America” (its ideals) were placed upon it and it became the foundation, the inseparable mythic: God and Nation)] but it is diametrically opposed to God’s Way, and Christ called it “evil” in totality, as an instrumentality [means; instrument of mentality] – our educational institutions and media [especially advertising/pr] are its main proponents: the manufactured consent [Noam Chomsky], the selfish desires engendered, and the commodification of life itself [of Christ] plugs us in and holds us in servitude to it – CHRIST CALLS US *OUT* OF THIS “CREATED”, EVIL WORLD, ITS SYSTEMIC [the “UNEQUAL YOKE”], INTO HIS WORLD, HIS WAY [utilizing the CHRIST-SYSTEMIC] – WE MUST BE A NEW CREATION, WE MUST BE *AS* GOD IN THE WORLD [man’s world; a wheel within a wheel (course; way of life)] !!