The tribunal, the court of public opinion must be enlightened [Christ is Light, Truth; JUDGEMENT = GOD, JUDGEMENT *IS* GOD (as touchstone)] – GOD’S “JUDGEMENT” IS FOR US TO BE HIS FAMILY: we are sentenced to Liberty and LIFE, to CHRIST; we are called to repentance and life !! – this world [its sin; the absence of God’s character] sentences us to imprisonment [to its systemic], and death [as “penalty”, as result of ourselves]: “evil shall slay the wicked” [Psm 34:21], “there shall be no reward to the evil man; the candle [H5216 lamp (means; the burner) and/or the light] of the wicked shall be put out [H1846 TO GO OUT, BE EXTINGUISHED, DRY UP, ** TO BE MADE EXTINCT **, BE DRIED UP; TO BE EXTINGUISHED, BE QUENCHED”] [Pr 24:20]: ** MANKIND IS IN EXTINCTION MODE **, WE WILL BURN OUT, CONSUME OURSELVES UNLESS CHRIST QUENCHES [by Water of Life] THE EVIL: Christ paid the penalty for us, and He will intervene, BUT FIRST, WE MUST, AS THE BODY OF CHRIST, *PREPARE* THE GOSPEL, OUR RESPONSE-ABILITY vs. the growing and deepening darkness [faith (light kindled) must be found by Christ when He returns (Luke 18:8); WE WILL LIGHT THE WORLD, the HONOR is ours *with* Christ] !!