The COG must return to Christ [withdrawal; undefiled by the Inc.]; He will return, His “flesh” must be saved *ALIVE* – ARE WE ALIVE *IN* CHRIST, OR AGAIN CONSIDERED DEAD IN THE WORLD [the second death] ?? – to be *alive* with Christ means to be “*dead* with Christ from the rudiments [G4747 principles; material causes; G4748 the walk; to direct one’s life] of the world [G2889 kosmos; instrumentality]” [Col 2:20] – WE MUST BE SEPARATE, NOT COMPLICIT IN THIS WORLD; ** WE ARE SEPARATED WITH CHRIST, WE ARE ALIVE ** – WE ARE RECONCILED TO GOD BY CHRIST’S DEATH AND SHALL BE SAVED BY HIS LIFE, we are no longer “enemies” of God [Rom 5:10]; WE WERE/ARE RECONCILED BY OUR REJECTION OF THIS WORLD’S SYSTEMIC [dead to Mammon] AND BY OUR CHOICE OF THE CHRIST-SYSTEMIC [alive to Messiah] !!