Communitarianism vs. the market mentality – non-profit occupations [npo’s] in support of community benefit [common-wealth]; asking the minimum, not charging the maximum, to meet justified and honest expenses: gifting self and skills in “equitable exchange” [community based equitable exchange] !! – EQUITABLE EXCHANGE IS *NOT* POSSIBLE BY MAMMON [as means and/or mentality (psychosis)] — Christian-ity is the enrichment of others first, by gifting, and then we in turn [a reciprocal relationship]; Mammon is the enrichment of self first [rational self-interest; greed], by taking, and then claiming the other benefits as a result [market mentality; capital/worker-consumer] – Mammon is actually *impoverishment* [witness the world: its resource base; pollution; environmental destruction; human poverty and war, etc.] and yet we are now “buying” into globalization [Mammon on a global scale, unrestrained]; WE ARE INSANE !! – SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT CANNOT BE BASED ON MAMMON, they are a contradiction in terms and means — community solutions to meet global responsibilities NOT global [corporate] solutions imposed on communities – we must oppose the corporate “global community” and truly become “global communities”, societies of the gift – WE ARE TO TAKE CARE OF EACH OTHER !! – *our* common-economy is to serve us, as means, we are not to be in service to it [slavery to a usurped, now “private” economy].