The very privilege most *look up* to, and desire, MUST BE ABHORRED !! [** hate the evil **] – the corporate, AND ITS SHAREHOLDERS must be held accountable, and all of us *are*, in effect, shareholders, no matter how small the actual “share” [a “small” share at a “huge” cost] !! — when everything is equated with money, then those who control the money control everything – ** WE MUST *CONFRONT* THE EVIL AND *TESTIFY* OF IT ** — isocracy n., pl. -cies [Gr isokratia] a system of government in which *ALL* persons have equal political power; iso- [Gr isos, equal] equal, similar, alike – the New Jerusalem is iso-metric [CUBIC; of, indicating, or having equality of measure; EQUITABLE DESIGN] and theomorphic [having the form, likeness, or aspect of God]; an iso-systemic theocracy [government (kingdom) of God], teaching righteous character by theocentric governance [directed toward God’s community; eldership; leading by example].

Enforcement in NOT the answer, education and persuasion by example is – the COG Inc.’s, “enforcement” of God’s truth is a falsehood, a misapplication — God wants us to be pure and whole; He does not want us to be automatons and just obey Him, He wants us to connect with Him from the *wholeness* of ourselves [in union with God, begotten as Family] – the COG is a developing community, a community that is *loving* towards everyone and everything, a community that is “in community” with everyone and everything: ONE WITH GOD, IN WHOLENESS – IF WE EXPRESS GOD, IF WE ARE *IN* AGAPE LOVE, EXPRESSING LOVE, PURITY, AND TRUTH, ANYWHERE CAN BE, AND IS, OUR COMMUNITY – we can’t change anything but ourselves, and it takes God’s help to renew our minds, to override and rid ourselves of selfishness, to look after the care of someone else – every failure [or sin (our violation of God’s character)] or difficulty [or contradiction in our lives, our conduct] is an opportunity to learn and change our ways – [based on “Touched By Nature”, Dorothy MacLean, Shared Vision] — we are BONDED to God by love, His love, freely given as gift.