When we come in contact with, or come up against, “character” that *lacks* God [in others or in ourselves], it is an opportunity to express God: INIQUITY PURGED BY MERCY AND TRUTH [mercy/forgiveness] – all of us have been casualties of the prevailing systemic character, the fear “bullet” [arrow] that is shot deep into us; God will heal the “inflicted wound”, and heal us !! — we must pull-back “for” engagement [from the evil; we are in conflict of interest]; WE MUST *OCCUPY* COMMUNITY, WE MUST *PLACE* GOD’S PRESENCE INTO WHEREVER WE ARE [location or situation]; GOD’S CHARACTER AND ABILITIES ARE OURS TO PLACE !! – WE *ARE* GOD FAMILY, WE EMBODY [our being] AND CREATE [our doing] COMMUNITY, THIS *IS* OUR RESPONSE-ABILITY !! — OUR MINISTRY [ministration] IS ** OUR RELATIONSHIP(S) **, OUR COMMUNITY !! – AGAPE LOVE IS THE GIFT, AND THE GIVING !!

“… The three main festivals in the Bible are Passover, Pentecost and Tabernacles – in the physical application Passover is the festival of political freedom, Tabernacles of economic freedom, and Pentecost, the central and most important, is a festival of spiritual freedom [see Harris L. Selig, “Links to Eternity”, p. 370; Richard C. Nickels, Giving and Sharing, “Pentecost Paper”]:

PASSOVER = POLITICAL FREEDOM – EXODUS (out of bondage), Christ Systemic;
PENTECOST = SPIRITUAL FREEDOM – 10C, Covenant People, Holy Spirit, COG;

** PROVE THE FACT, DEMONSTRATE THE SOLUTION = CHRISTIAN-ITY ** = Acts 4:32-35, of one heart, of one soul, had all things common [COMMUNITY OF GOD] = GREAT POWER OF WITNESS and GREAT GRACE UPON THEM ALL = ADORNING [to put in order; *prepare*] THE DOCTRINE OF GOD !! – PREPARED FOR THE RETURN OF CHRIST, worthy [becometh] of the Gospel !! — the “real” world is NOT the “unreal” existence of this present world, the real world is the reality of Christ and His Kingdom, soon to be established [physically and spiritually] as was originally intended — corporate money = destruction, the wasting of all it comes into contact with !! – consumers are agents of “consumption” [a wasting away; a disease].