Christian-ity is NOT private, it is OUR COMMON SALVATION, A FREE GIFT – communitarianism is a step on the path to pure Christian-ity, the pure and Holy Community of God, unspotted [undefiled] by the world [kosmos] — MAMMON IS EVIL, IT PERSONIFIES THE INHUMANITY OF SELFISHNESS, YET IT IS CLAIMED AS “DIVINE RIGHT” BY PRIVATE CAPITAL, AND ACCEPTED BY A PUBLIC SO INURED BY A SYSTEMIC THAT IT IS ITSELF SEEKING AN OWNERSHIP SHARE [slaves seeking charge of themselves and others, yet remaining slaves and/or seeking profit of another’s slavery]; SLAVES BRANDISHING THE WHIP, and the COG Inc.’s hand is grasping the handle as well – ONLY GOD HAS “DIVINE RIGHT”, MAN CANNOT CLAIM IT, YET GOD GIFTS IT: FREEDOM, LIBERTY, JUSTICE, SALVATION !!

The New Testament is primarily addressed to the COG [spiritual Israel and those seeking God] *NOT* the world [the world is defined], God tells us to withdraw out of the world and out of the COG that has returned to it [the prophetic definitions, the characteristics of carnal tribalizations], those who “receive not” the love [agape] of the truth – the Bible re-defines the world, yet the worldly claim and re-define the Bible [Christ Inc., the COG Inc.] – most of the COG does not really believe we must choose between God and Mammon, they do not know “Mammon” for what it actually is [love of money means “friendship [G5384 root]”, “associate”, and friendship [G5384 root] of the world [G2889 kosmos; works thereof are evil (John 7:7)] is enmity with God; friend of the world = “enemy” of God; spiritual adultery (James 4:4)]; ** Mammon [business; corporate money] is the instrumentality of evil **, it is FILTHY LUCRE [lucrative; gain as godliness]: FILTHY LUCRE = FILTHY ROBES = THE GREAT MULTITUDE of the COG Inc.