How do we “regard” ourselves and others, what is our “determinant” ?? – OUR DETERMINANT IS GOD’S AGAPE LOVE *NOT* THE PREVALENT DETERMINANT OF MAMMON; ** AS THE LORD LIVES ** …

Regard [consideration (to give thought to); concern; respect and affection; reference to; to have relation to; observe; to pay heed or attention] – EYES AS FLAMES OF FIRE [word of God]; the MIND of GOD !! [** the world seen through the eyes of Christ is a different place **]

Determinant [a thing or factor that determines] – GOD FACTOR vs. FEAR FACTOR – determine [to set limits to; bound; define; to settle; to reach a decision; to establish or affect the nature, kind, or quality of; to find out exactly, with certainty, ascertain (JEREMIAH, AN ASSAYER (examination or testing)); to give direction to; shape or affect]

Jer 6:27 I have set thee [Jeremiah] for a tower [H969 ASSAYER; H974 to examine, scrutinise; to test, prove, try (of gold, persons, the heart, man of God; to be tried; prove)] and a fortress [H4013 fortified city; stronghold; H1219 common; openly; publicly; belonging to the people; in full view of all; H1218 the people (JEREMIAH COMMUNITY, FELLOWSHIP OF GOD)] among my people, that thou mayest know and try their way.

Jeremiah [H3414 “whom Jehovah has appointed”; H7311 to rise or raise; bring up; H3050 Jah (Jehovah in the shortened form); H3068 Jehovah “the existing One”] … LEARN CAREFULLY the ways [course of life] of My people, to swear [fully preached, and lived; complete] by My name, “** AS THE LORD LIVES ** [the full Gospel community of God],” as they taught My people to swear by Baal [AS BAAL LIVES: SYSTEMIC] … [Jer 12:16, NKJV].