Jer 17, 23 burden [KJV] / Jer 23 ** ORACLE ** [NKJV]; WORD OF WEIGHT [BBE]; [H4853] Webster’s definition of “Oracle” is exactly the definition that we place on our groups, churches and nations, and the self-ordained personalities that “lead” them: the COG Inc., stands in direct opposition to God’s Word, we have ** perverted ** the Word of God !! – THERE ARE *NO* SPECIALLY SELECTED OR SEPARATELY “ORDAINED” WHO SPEAK FOR GOD WITHIN GOD’S FAMILY; ** EVERY MAN’S WORD ** IS CONSIDERED – THE “SELF-IMPORTANT” CAUSE GOD’S PEOPLE TO ERR !! – our “regard” of the COG Inc., “ministry/eldership”, and “their claims”, PERVERTS THE VERY WORD OF GOD TO OUR REPROACH AND SHAME !! — GOD DID *NOT* SEPARATELY SEND OR ORDAIN ANY MAN OR “MINISTRY” (apart from Christ) [Jer 23:32]; *every* Christian ministers [works; ordination (set aside for appointed jobs; ordained within the community for a function)] the Spirit of God, the gifts given, *every* man walks with God; WE HAVE ONE TEACHER, CHRIST; the Body of Christ is made up of ** every part working together ** !! – ** NO MAN, NOR MEN, OR ANY GROUP, CAN CLAIM TO BE AN ORACLE OF GOD, GOD HIMSELF SAY’S SO !! ** – DO WE BELIEVE MAN OR GOD ?? – THE ONLY AUTHORITY IS GOD; the Bread of Life is UNLEAVENED !!