The whole systemic of money (as debt-instrument), no matter the “ism”, must be rejected in total; Christian-ity is COMMUNITARIAN vs. the false idol-god of “capital” [the market-system considered as most effective government in the global economy] – today’s so-called free-markets are predicated upon human bondage [for survival (fear)]; ONLY GOD’S OPEN COMMUNITIES ARE FREE !! – ** self-interest is sin **, and its supporting systemic is evil [that which produces, maintains, and expands sin] – WE ARE TO TAKE CARE OF EACH OTHER, AND THE OTHER COMES FIRST !! — the “society of the gift” is based on the real needs of humanity [not the manufactured needs of capitalism and nationalism], in symbiosis with the environment, and on human growth [in its many variants]: CHRISTIAN-ITY IS THE ONLY VIABLE ECO-NOMIC SYSTEMIC – OUR CHOICE IS BAAL *OR* GOD, MAMMON *OR* MESSIAH: **  WE MUST CHOOSE ** !! – in Christ, we will lose nothing [of true value], and gain “all things” !!