** WICKED IRRESPONSIBILITY ** – WHO IS TO SUFFER, AND HOW MUCH ?? – economic decisions vs. the poor and disabled; maintain the rich at all costs, those who provide the systemic “capital” must be *provided* with the capital for the “benefit” of all: THE RICH ARE RICH FOR *OUR* BENEFIT IS THE CLAIM !! – “job” as social safety net, not assistance, yet there are a lack of jobs, and most that exist are “minimum” wage: THE SOCIAL SAFETY NET IS FULL OF HOLES, AND MANY ARE FALLING THROUGH !! – ** NO HUMAN LIFE HAS MINIMUM VALUE ** !! — MAMMON = the CORPORATE, and everything done in its cause, ie., business, nationalism, infrastructure to maintain, enforce, etc., is absolute evil, plain-and-simple: ** OUR WHOLE LIFE SYSTEMIC IS EVIL **, AND THAT MEANS *WE* ARE EVIL, EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US, WE ARE COMPLICIT !! — ECONOMIC GENOCIDE, the *death* of humanity [suicide]: CORPORATE ECONOMY IS THE DEATH OF *ALL* [incl., planetary life-support (biodiversity)] !!