FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD: we must hold Christ [mind of God], we must have “faith of” Christ, we must *be* Christ [a Christ-ian, our very Being] and we must share Christ [our Christian-ity, our very Doing]; SELF WITH GOD, AS GOD ** IN RELATIONSHIP ** [GOD-SELF = OUR-SELVES; FAMILY/COMMUNITY OF GOD] – Living Faith is a relationship with God and with the other [self/selves]; ** TO BELIEVE [commit unto; trust] ON CHRIST [the work of God] IS TO SHARE [minister] CHRIST IN AGAPE LOVE ** – Christ requires a life partner [wife(/COG)] and so do we [wife/husband]; ONE FLESH — WE ARE EACH OTHER, one person’s death is *our* death; the body slowly dying: WE ARE KILLING OURSELVES for our perceived vested interests; Matt 24:22, Mark 13:20 … no flesh [spiritually; Christ come in the flesh] *saved* [G4982 sozo] [some transl., saved alive] [Salvation; Faith *with* works]: but for the “elect’s” sake, whom he hath chosen, he hath shortened the days; 1 Peter 4:18 … the righteous scarcely [G3433 hardly; *with difficulty*; not easily] saved [G4982 sozo]; WE MUST DO OUR PART FOR THE RETURN OF CHRIST, WE WHO ARE RESPONSE-ABLE [who have the response-ability, the ability to respond; the Holy Spirit], THE COG !! – we must get over ourselves, our selfishness, our carnality, OUR SHAME !! – we have a difficult work [G3433 root G3425, toil] to do: WE NEED GOD AS NEVER BEFORE !! – Luke 18:8 … Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth [G1093, arable land (the truth; COG)] ?? – OUR ANSWER MUST BE ** YES **; WE MUST BE SAVED *ALIVE* NOT DEAD [second death, requiring fire and brimstone to purify and cleanse (the pure and purifying Word of God)]; WE ARE SO SPIRITUALLY ILL, THAT WE WILL BE SCARCELY ALIVE, EVEN AFTER THE DIFFICULT TOIL WAITING FOR US.