*Only* God can know God, and it is “God in us”, that enables us to know Him, and to be response-“able” for Christ’s Ministry, NOW also *our* Ministry: the ministration of God’s Spirit, according to His Will and Purpose; the deep spiritual meaning of Passover includes the knowledge and acceptance of Christ ** living His life ** in our flesh [His very flesh now our flesh (unleavened bread); His “life” blood now our blood (cup of wine)] and of *our* Ministry, the very Ministry of Jesus Christ !! – THIS MUST BE OUR CONSCIOUSNESS, *NOT* WHAT IS PREVALENT IN-AND-OF THE WORLD [the hierarchy; COG INC.], STRIVING AGAINST THE SPIRIT AND DENYING GOD, DENYING OURSELVES GOD !! – those claiming the ministry of others, and then the support of those taken from, are of the SYNAGOGUE of SATAN, the ANTI-ANOINTED, and do *NOT* discern the Body of Christ, they believe the LIE [because they received *NOT* the “love” of the truth; GOD = LOVE, THEY RECEIVED NOT GOD !!] — the COG Inc., curricula [church as college; Ministers decreed in dogma by Degree], activities, media programming and religious indoctrination all portray corporatized-hierarchical, Mammonized ideas and institutions, in support of an apocalyptic creed and warning work; ** THIS PORTRAYAL OF GOD IS A BETRAYAL, A LIE **.