What determines your consciousness, your very “mind”, what channel are you tuned in to [resonance of mind], what “carrier-wave” is broad-casting to you [Satan is described as the “prince of the power of the air”] and “why” are you [able to] receiving it ?? – our channel selector MUST BE SELECTIVE: we are hard-wired now into this world, WE ARE DIRECTLY CONNECTED, PLUGGED IN; WE MUST REFUSE [we must unplug] WHAT IS PREPARED FOR US TO INGEST [contaminated bread], TO CONDITION AND SICKEN US [to receive the spirit of bondage to fear; (Rom 8:15), the controlling emotive]: THE “BROAD” WAY OF CONFUSION AND SIN, MAKING SIN BANAL [COMMONPLACE, ORDINARY; *OF NO DEFINITION*], MAKING EVIL EXCITING, EVEN SEEMINGLY GOOD – GOD “NARROW-CASTS” TO US; HIS CARRIER-WAVE IS PIN-POINT ACCURATE: God’s Holy Spirit and the Word of Life enables us to “resonate with God” [not with this world (out of sync with God)], TO WALK IN THE CHARACTER OF GOD vs. a systemic of sin/evil – 1 Peter 4:1 Foreasmuch then *as* Christ hath suffered “for us in the flesh”, ARM [G3695 to provide; take on the same mind; G3696 weapon; instrument; armour; (to be busy about)] YOURSELVES LIKEWISE ** WITH THE SAME MIND ** [MIND OF GOD]: for he [the Christian] that hath suffered [G3958 to be vexed; passion; to feel; to be affected; experience] in the flesh [G4561 CARNALLY MINDED] [= THE CALL OF GOD (God *changes* the experience, the cognizance of it; the God Factor vs. the “fear” factor)] ** hath CEASED from sin ** — THE CARNAL, MAMMONIZED DEFINITION OF GOD MUST BE REJECTED, a definition in support of the “Hired”-archy, who must be withdrawn from: ** WE MUST CEASE **; OUR WEAPON AND ARMOR IS OUR REFUSAL TO PARTICIPATE !! – SIN IS THE VIOLATION [to use force or violence; to assault; to break (a law, rule, promise, etc.); ** breach **; to profane] OF GOD’S CHARACTER, OF OUR GOD-ING, OF OUR GOD !! – the simplicity of Christ, the loving of one another, is complicated, and denied, by the very “adversarial” systemic that *we are*; WE MUST BECOME AS GOD !! — VESTED (ABSOLUTE) CORPORATE INTEREST [and our acceptance (complacent or active = complicit)] IS SATANIC, THE MIND OF SATAN [our every thought brought to the Adversary, ** in fear ** (= bondage)].