The intentional [or unintentional (*the result of the intentional*)], purposeful, selective “blending” of fact and fiction [created mythic] creates our memories and therefore our very *self*, our mind/awareness [our being and doing]; IT IS DECEPTION: TRUTH IS RE-DEFINED, GOOD AND EVIL BECOME ONE; the knowledge of good *and* evil becomes “mixed confusion” [BABYLON; there is NO distinction made between Holy and profane] – our exposure reconstructs our memories [by redefining the experience; we become “self”-deceived, and then the very deception itself]; FEAR IS THE ETCHING EMOTIVE OF DECEPTION, AND IS SELF-PROPAGATING – ONLY GOD [AGAPE LOVE] CAN REMOVE AND ERASE THE FEAR, and the systemic employed by Satan is directly aimed at eradicating God’s love, it is his primary target [business is the negation of God in all of our relationships] – the imposed “hierarchy” employed within the COG Inc. [and its use of fear], is the primary deception, the lie, used to deny and re-define God within the COG: WE MUST WITHDRAW THE “SELF” FROM THIS DECEPTION, WE MUST RETURN TO THE MIND OF GOD – any “use” of fear, is the use, the employment, of Satan — our “self” becomes “one” with God: only together is “self” self; WE BECOME ONE, YET DISTINCT: *OUR*-SELVES; SELF *CANNOT* EXIST ALONE, IT WILL DIE — FEAR = BONDAGE OF SELF TO OTHER SELF’S, *not* together, *not* our-selves, but bound [yoked] for the purpose of self, self-ishness [= DEATH]; where the bondage is equated with survival [yet is actually death of self]; the fear-systemic is predicated upon social *bonds* that are purely self-preservative, YET, THE VERY “SOCIETY OF FEAR” IS HELD TOGETHER BY THE GOD EMOTIVE [impulse]: THE FAMILY RELATIONSHIPS AND FRIENDSHIPS THAT FIGHT THE FEAR EMOTIVE – ** we must recognize this **, we must SUFFER IN THE FLESH [** GOD AWARENESS, THE MIND OF GOD **] AND ACCEPT GOD, AND *CEASE* FROM SIN AND ITS SYSTEMIC: God is FREEDOM and LIFE !!