November 2009

MM Ch. 6-10: The Midnight Hour

Placed on the Common Table for Free and Open Discussion
(multiple source inspiration, no authorship claim is made)

hyphenated emphasis within text:
-ian — relating to, belonging to, resembling
-ing — the act of, collective force
-ity — quality, state, condition

Mammon or Messiah Book 1 (addressed to the physical(/spiritual))
Mammon or Messiah Book 2 (addressed to the spiritual(/physical))

Chapter Format:
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WE HAVE TO REPAIR AND RESTORE GOD’S CHURCH/NATION !! – the corporate structure by its very nature CORRUPTS !! – the many who ruled, and continue to rule over the sisters and brethren were and are symptomatic of a systemic, the corporate church, as many of us were/are, just sitting there [an image of the world, filled with its tragedy, disappointment, misdirection and deception] — our whole society is based on, and organized around consumption, including the corporate church – truth becomes product, proprietary, copyrighted, used for publicity and self-promotion; WE BECOME MERCHANDISE – this is NOT God’s Way, stewardship is God’s Way !! – God is truth and so are we [James 1:21, engrafted word (as instrumentality)], we must *be* truth, not error [our very being], there must be no distinction – to seek/assume greatness, pre-eminence, in the guise of a servant needs a rethink and repentance !! – we are *all* responsible for the truth, we must be truth-seekers, God-seekers, each of us, realizing that truth is *not* imposed, it cannot be.

Christ was tempted in all ways, yet without sin, and the “body of Christ” has been tempted in all ways, *with the sin* – it is important that we claim and hold on to the truth of our spiritual heritage, our spiritual ancestry, and it is important that we examine and acknowledge the error of that same heritage – we must repent and forgive and move forward – we are all flawed and imperfect human beings, any/all of our past sins and transgressions are forgiven upon repentance and any unrepented are placed into the hands of the Father – we have been imprinted with God’s truth and we must continue in it, we must reach out and embrace each other, God will heal us by His presence !!

God is in control *through* the sisters and brethren, NOT through a hierarchy; *face-to-face assemblies* [we are face-to-face with God, and each other] – no one within the Church of God (COG) was and is sacrosanct [with the exception of Christ Himself]; 1 Peter 4:18 “And if the righteous scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear?” – the ekklesia, the COG with much difficulty, with much hard work *together* is barely saved, WE MUST BE COGNIZANT OF, AND REMEMBER THIS !! – we are sanctified [set apart] together, as *one*, with the honor of *serving* each other, *ministering* [an act, a deed, NOT an office] the gifts God has shared with us, individually, in *true humility* [strength of character (an absence of pride, self-assertion), NOT a cowering, an imposed weakness, a depression (Psalms 14:4)] – God determined and set the “rules of engagement” for the COG and we must, in all truth, seek His will !! – we must overcome the psychosis that pervades the COG [a gated community of mind; the fragmentation (a fragmented mentation)]; we must unlock the gate and open it; WE MUST HEAL !! – our long-term therapy [for each and every one of us] is someone who loves us [ie., mate, family, friend, etc.], and we must ensure that this agape love *is* the COG !! – GOD DEMANDS NOTHING LESS !!

The work of God is multitasking, a ministry of gifts [the possible number of combinations limitless] — rank is nothing more than levels of ignorance, increasing the distance from God’s truth and its application; the responsibility(-ies) belong to/with the people – we must challenge doctrine and authority wherever it is in error – this is not heresy, this is seeking God, His truth !! — God does not want structured, repetitious prayer and He does not want structured, repetitious Sabbath services or Bible studies – this is not confusion, this is *delight* – the Sabbath is to be a delight to us !! – God wants us to dialogue with Him, reason with Him, in true humility and faith – He does not want us just to be passive spectators, obeying the commandments of men !! — the wider implications of doing nothing must be examined and considered, we will be responsible for any inaction !! – being “Laodicean” [people of my judgement, of my vengeance (people of the curse)] means being the “laity,” the people of God under the authority of man, not willingly exercising their spiritual gifts, not needing each other, the true riches of grace [capacity of service] and fellowship – the guiding principles must come from God, we are all spirit-begotten, we *all* have direct access to God our Father through our High Priest Jesus Christ — our original assumption was in error, the error is NOT with God !! – we fell for the fallacy [the fall], hierarchy claiming and offering knowledge of good and evil, claiming primary conduit of the Holy Spirit, and we bit; we are eating from the wrong tree !!

No idea is so strong that it should not be tested by doubt, and no man so powerful that he is infallible !! – a man, a group, an organization may carry, may possess, and may even utilize the truth, but may not be *of* the truth [the truth does not reside within them, does not possess them, does not utilize them] !! – anyone, any group, any organization that claims or demands gain, advantage, reputation, or authority from/of God, from His truth, is NOT *of* God !! – they may utilize God, declare a “work of God” but God is not utilizing them; God does not employ error, they are not “from” or “of” God, yet by their efforts “truth” can be imparted [some within become “of” God], though it is evil spoken of by many – unrighteous representation reveals the false servants, their unrighteous fruits [by their fruits ye shall know them]; income has become their only means to measure their righteousness, gain has become their “godliness”, they glory in their shame !! – the truth they “use” exposes them [man cannot negate or corrupt God’s truth but the message and witness of it can be !!] — the business “suit and tie” is a *robe of unrighteousness*, it represents the filth of this world [filthy rags]; we do not honor God by wearing this; God desires informal, *clean*, modest dress, yet one with color and flair; but wealthy, or “garish” display does not honor God either !!

The COG lacks God, His gifts [Isa 27:3 VINEYARD UNWATERED]; we lack ourselves [1 Sam 2:3 “Talk no more so exceeding proudly; let [not] arrogancy come out of your mouth: for the LORD [is] a *God of knowledge*, and by him actions are weighed”; Hosea 4:6 “*my* people are *destroyed for lack of knowledge*”] !! — Christ’s *purpose* is to destroy the “works of the Devil” and His purpose is our purpose; IT IS NOT TO DESTROY OURSELVES – to be committed unto Christ [and Him only] in trust, in full faith and assurance, to be persuaded by-and-of God’s living community, is the *work of God* — “the building of a better world” is *NOT* the purpose that has-and-is being taught by the COG Inc., as the work of the end-time church; being “a watchman” is declared as the work and purpose [the “corporate” employment of the Gospel message] – this is at best partial, and at worst self-serving [justifying, maintaining a corporate-media enterprise; Matt 12:19] and is *NOT* the full preaching and witness that is our responsibility, the two-edged sword that will destroy the works of the Devil !!

Every fulfillment of prophecy, every detail, is an indication of *our* continuing failure, not just those in the world [especially physical Israel] but the COG [spiritual Israel] also, we are complicit !! – we are responsible because *we claim to know* – prophecy fulfilled, here referring to the increasing curses [the absence of the blessings] that we in the COG (Inc.) so focus on as “watchmen”, is an indictment of our refusal to obey God, to be persuaded of God’s truth !! – we *use* the possible and probable [if we continue the way we are] prophetic fulfillment as a justification, as an excuse [it is written] for the “corporate work”, when we should know the ending can be changed, that it does not have to happen this way – we have the hierarchical blinders on, and we will bring on the “curse” by our inaction, all the while planning our escape to a “place of safety” or by a “rapture” and professing prophetic understanding by our obedience to God !!

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