Our “interpretive principles” must be God’s; EQUITY and RIGHTEOUSNESS are these principles !! – where the truth of God is applied selectively and/or separately, there is error – wherever Christian-ity is associated [an associate; friendship] with the world [instrumentality; agape of the kosmos], you have privilege, position, reputation, business, etc., GAIN AS GODLINESS: ** MAMMONIZED CHRISTIAN-ITY **, the MARK of the BEAST !! – the very love that *is* the truth [to live in truth is to live “in God’s AGAPE love” ** as systemic ** (COMMITTED UNTO THE COMMUNITY, THE “PURE” AGAPE FELLOWSHIP OF GOD, IN *ALL* OF OUR RELATIONS, INSIDE AND OUTSIDE OF THE COG)] = to worship [our being and doing] God “in Spirit and in truth” — the COG Inc., interprets God’s truth by-and-through “the lie”; they commit unto, and place confidence in, the world’s systemic in propagation of God’s truth [THEY DENY AND NEGATE THE TRUTH OF GOD BY-AND-THROUGH THEIR PROPAGATION OF IT !!] — our lack of an agape relationship(s), OUR ISOLATION, both within and without the COG, is a DISABILITY: WE ARE SPIRITUALLY ILL AND LAME, WE NEED HEALING !! – we don’t speak or act to ourselves [individually; group] or to each other [collectively; groups], and certainly not to the world, in agape love !!