The “ordained” take and define for themselves, what belongs to *all* the “anointed” ** in support of, and to maintain, the lie **, their work(s) — the COG INC. groups are “Roman coliseum’s” where Christians are being torn apart and devoured by ravenous beast(s) and lions [Isa 35:9], in similitude to those before [Rev 6:11] – THE CHOICE IS GOD’S WAY OR THE WORLD’S WAY: MAMMON OR MESSIAH !! – COMPROMISE, OR MIXING [*TO RECEIVE NOT*] IS CONFUSION [by mixing] = ** BABYLON ** — using the truth of God for yourself [gain] is rejecting the “love” of the truth, WHAT THE TRUTH PRODUCES: THE “GAIN” OF THE OTHER [what the truth produces when used and lived as God Family; the truth cannot produce love if we employ and/or become evil)] !! – THE OTHER’S GAIN IS OUR GLORY, OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS, IT PRODUCES EQUITY: HIS SALVATION IS OUR SALVATION – ** THE FIRST SHALL BE LAST, AND THE LAST FIRST [the other goes before = agape love] ** [Mark 10:31] – “gain as godliness” no man can claim; WE CLAIM GOD AND HIS TRUTH [the “love” of the truth] FOR THE OTHER FELLOWS GAIN, *NOT* OUR OWN – our righteousness becomes the other’s as gift — BY RIGHT AND AUTHORITY OF GOD [1 Tim 6:5] WE *WITHDRAW* OURSELVES FROM THE COG INC. AND MAMMON, AND RETURN TO THE LOVE OF GOD !! – our foundation and primary concern must be God NOT corporate monies: ** IF OUR FUTURE IS BUSINESS THEN WE HAVE NO FUTURE ** [this applies physically and spiritually, where money is seen as solution NOT God, or where the two are equated; Mammonization = most don’t see the “need” for God (the recognition, apart from money): cost of living (doing business) up, value of life down] – WHO ARE WE, WHAT HAVE WE BECOME, AND WHY ?? – WHAT DETERMINES OUR VERY “BEING AND DOING” ?? – IS GOD PRESENT IN EACH AND EVERY MOMENT OF OUR LIVES, OR IS HE ABSENT ??