Religion is *used* as “sanction from God” [the “hunger” for; the impulse; the need to believe, even a lie] – God is mouthed by many in politics and business, even in their military interventions [force of arms = abject failure], “good vs. evil”, the civilized world vs. terrorism [itself a symptom of the disease we call civilization; a disease trying to eradicate its own symptoms] — Israel, both physically and spiritually, is far removed from God, it exists in darkness and error, it has been usurped by the Adversary almost totally, yet still considers itself [in being and doing] “God’s chosen” – the “sovereignty” of Israel [its people, land, resources, etc.] belongs to God,  and to God alone, and ** GOD WILL SOON RECLAIM IT AND US !! ** – SALVATION = RECLAMATION AND HEALING: *ONLY* GOD HAS THE CLAIM !! – the Ministry of Reconciliation is exactly that: the reconciliation of mankind and God, with the promise of God-kind — ** WE CLAIM WHAT IS *NOT* OURS, AND ABUSE GOD IN DOING SO ** – we inflict abuse and pain on each other, on our environment, and on our God !! – the “self-ordained” [both physically and spiritually] and their imposed systemics [the enslavement; the usurping authority], are the “implements of evil” used by the devil.