We are to feed, clothe our “enemy”, those who are perceived a detriment or an impediment to our “national interests” or “group interests”; the other fellow’s interests are to take precedent – “national interest” is an evil term, a justification, a claim (claim creates many enemies); ** ISRAEL IS ORDAINED A GIFT TO THE WORLD ** !! – WE DENY OUR HONOR AND GLORY !! – *interest* “dis-fellowships” and/or “marks” the other for sanction and/or deprivation, not the intended censure [selective censure of error, not the person(s)], and removes and/or withdraws their needed food and clothing [“our” common(wealth) ministration of God’s gifts denied; we refuse to “wash their feet”]; healing is NOT determined by “our” interests, it is determined by the other’s need and interest – TO DENY THE FEEDING, CLOTHING, AND HEALING OF THE OTHER [to protect our self-interests] IS TO DENY HIS SALVATION, AND OUR OWN IN TURN; IT IS THE VERY DENIAL OF CHRIST HIMSELF [who gifted himself for the other (while in his sins)] !! – God still feeds and clothes His enemy [friendship with, associates of, the world], the COG Inc., but they receive NOT the love of God, and the hierarchy [self-interest] causes famine in the COG, and their robes become filthy rags — this “cost” of “doing God’s business” [loss of the other] is claimed as punishment of God for disobedience [God is equated with the “interest”, itself determined by the “golden rule”: those who have the gold make the rules; gain as godliness]; this is an “authority” relationship [times of the Gentiles] NOT the “servant” relationship of God – ** GOD GIFTS [gives] TO US, FOR US TO GIFT THE OTHER ** – God’s Spirit was given to us IN TRUST, to be kept, used, and administered FOR GOD, TO DO HIS WILL, HIS LOVE, *NOT* FOR OUR SELFISH APPLICATION AND BENEFIT, DENYING HIS LOVE [they receive not]; ** AS GOD IS, SO ARE WE IN THE WORLD **.