The promises of God belong to every begotten individual THROUGH CHRIST, *not* through any corporate organization or group, or any individual(s) other than Jesus Christ – those called [many are called but “few” are chosen] and begotten into the Body of Christ *become* the Body of Christ [Christ come in the flesh], and their response-ability is His: ** THE COMMON MINISTRATION OF GOD’S SPIRIT UNTO SALVATION ** – IF THIS IS YOUR RESPONSE-ABILITY, THEN YOU WILL BE CHOSEN !! – if your “ability to respond” is usurped and limited to a group, or an individual(s), YOU WILL NOT BE CHOSEN; ** WE MUST TRUST IN CHRIST ONLY ** !! – the “conscience of the idol” must be overcome and purged [1 Cor 8:7] — “gain as godliness” applies physically and spiritually: where there is an individual/corporate “profit motive”, where private gain/wealth is the determining criteria for entitlement, where God is usurped and Christian-ity Mammonized, ** WE ARE INSTRUCTED BY GOD TO WITHDRAW [depart; draw away; refrain; revolt] IN TOTAL [1 Tim 6:5], TO *NOT* PARTAKE [fellowship with (community); partaker together; distribute; associate; *companion* (bread fellow)] OF THE SINS ** [Rev 18:4] [” not defiled by women” (symbolic of the church(es) (Rev 14:4), These were redeemed from among men, [being] the firstfruits unto God and to the Lamb] !!