CORPORATE MONEY USE IS A HUMAN RIGHTS OFFENCE – where Human Rights are predicated on availability of money [the commodification of life], and denied and/or withheld because of such, HUMAN RIGHTS are violated, even negated – monied interests vs. human interests; ECONOMIC DISCRIMINATION/APARTHEID — the COG Inc., mirrors this abuse by claiming one’s degree of conversion is linked to tithing, supporting and backing the corporate work [supposing, claiming, gain as godliness; as reward] – ** secular society and the claimed spiritual society offer no venue for life without complicity to its systemic, and its crimes ** – THERE IS NO ROOM FOR CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTION !! – CHRISTIAN-ITY IS A GOD DESIGNED ALTERNATIVE SYSTEMIC TO THIS WORLD — sustaining, maintaining and propagating a “free” national/societal systemic [physically/spiritually] by the use of oppression and slavery ** IS IN DIRECT VIOLATION OF GOD !! ** — any claim “over” and “upon” [including ministry] is usurpation of God-given rights and response-abilities; ** TAKING WHAT GOD HAS FREELY GIVEN FOR PRIVATE PRIVILEGE !! ** — the many [of society and the COG] have no awareness of an alternative; they are money-conscious NOT God-conscious; a God-conscience [of His character] would shock them, it would enable them to see themselves as God sees them, their very being and doing, including their support structures: IT WOULD OPEN THEIR EYES TO THEIR EVIL AND THE SUPPORTING SYSTEMIC THEY ARE PART OF !! – GOD HAS GIVEN US LIFE AS A GIFT, TO BE GIVEN AS A GIFT FOR THE OTHER [FOR ONE ANOTHER] !! – each human being was designed as a gift with gifts: EACH IS GIFTED TO GIFT !!