We are known by the memories of others; WE MUST KNOW GOD [TO BE KNOWN OF GOD]; our impressions, whether shallow or deep, bad or good, etch us into memory – IT IS OUR BEING AND DOING THAT ARE THE DETERMINANTS; ** WE MUST BE KNOWN IN THE CHARACTER OF GOD ** [Book of Remembrance] – emotions are the etching instrumentality: EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE/GOD – God’s Agape Love is the “primary” etching instrument, overwriting our human means, smoothing and erasing deeply etched hurts and wrongs; even acknowledging and/or triggering the God-response can initiate erasure; a hateful and/or adversarial response can erase by repetition, wearing away the good, leaving a barren memory or one deeply scarred or mutilated, and our humanity with it — societal impression determinants [how we see things, ie., media] determine our memories, how we “know” others and are “known” of others; WE MUST BRING OUR MINDS TO CHRIST, EVERY THOUGHT, EVERY EMOTION: WE CANNOT KNOW GOD OR BE KNOWN OF GOD ANY OTHER WAY !! – we must know our fellows and their/our human-ity as God knows them and it: ** WE MUST KNOW AND BE KNOWN AS GOD FAMILY !! ** – we must reflect God’s Spirituality NOT our carnality [base or high].