“Success in life” [God is life] is NOT success in business as equated in the world – high self-esteem as arrogance and low self-esteem as humility is false: HUMILITY IS STRENGTH, STRENGTH OF GOD — real high self-esteem can only be through humility; conceit and/or arrogance is not self-esteem, it is pride of self, superiority, privilege [a psychosis; making others wrong so that you can be right; living and acting in an illusion; self-delusion] – to esteem self, to have great regard for, to value highly, to *respect* oneself can only come from relationship(s), through experiences [the challenges of life and of happiness; values and choices]; “God contexts” that make responses real; MINDFUL INTEGRITY, A STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS !! – THINKING YOU ARE GOD’S GIFT TO THE WORLD AND BEING GOD’S GIFT TO THE WORLD ARE NOT THE SAME THING !! – ** holding God in a good conscience = self-respect = self-esteem = gifting self = A RECOGNITION OF OUR OWN SIGNIFICANCE !! ** — any and all “God contexts” [relationships] build respect if used for God-ing, sharing [gifting]; relationships based on taking is an abuse of God [ALL BUSINESS IS AN ABUSE OF GOD !!] — living constructively [CONSTRUCTIVE LIVING; improvements; advances] cannot be based on a destructive systemic; ** ALL MUST BE REGARDED AND BENEFIT ** – BUSINESS PROGRESS IS ACTUALLY REGRESS !!