The CHRIST PERSPECTIVE must be deployed within the COG and the world; it is time for people to begin to think, to bring their “every thought” to Christ !! – world-think, the business perspective must be exposed for the mental-illness that it is: a course of action that is leading mankind to its destruction – ** WE MUST CHOOSE GOD ** – BUSINESS IS A REFLECTION OF OUR SPIRITUAL ILLNESS — not only can God travel “faster than light”, God travels at the “speed of thought” bending [bowing] space-time [2 Sam 22:10; Psa 18:9] [spirit is not held by the physical; the physical is held by the spiritual], though God does choose not to know certain things; God will not impinge on our “free will” which He has given as His Gift [Gen 22:12, God knows our decisions when we make them] – GOD DOES *NOT* IMPOSE, GOD PERSUADES !! – PROPHECY IS GIVEN FOR US [AS DETERMINANT] TO CHOOSE OUR FUTURE, GOD IS WARNING US vs. OUR CHOSEN [IMPOSED] COURSE OF ACTION.