Most people’s “impressions” are out of focus, and those whom Christ [as light] has made an impression on [exposure] are in portrait mode [their minds medium-film, using a standard lens producing distortion, combined with a poor angle of view] – most are set to average shutter speed range with “wide-eyed” apertures, short focal lengths [wide-angle lens], with no depth-of-field — we must slow down our minds [be still] and narrow the aperture to bring the whole picture into focus [clarity]; we must focus on the subject at hand, and zoom in on the details [with long focal lengths] — most groups create a chaotic environment of many variables, we must be constantly “taking” pictures; most take a few and then just accept the picture(s) taken by others [esp., the hierarchy], seeing the situation as others frame and expose it – hierarchy “occludes” the light, Christ in seen in silhouette[high contrast lighting]; Christ is seen as a dark outline against a bright background; this dark outline is the “ministry” NOT Christ — the hierarchical “work” is a blur to most; it requires a fast film [mind] and a fast shutter speed to stop the motion – it takes a “tripod” [the Father, Christ, and God’s Holy Spirit] to hold our minds still for proper exposure in “low light” and in “stormy” situations — the “world” is dark, and most just see the “bright lights”; it takes a long and steady exposure to see the details in the dark – our conversion is our “light-meter” vs. over-, or under-exposure as-well-as composure: framing the subject properly, selecting the right view-point and/or moment of subject action; WE MUST UNDERSTAND THE REASON FOR TAKING THE PICTURE, WHAT WE WANT TO CONVEY, AND WE MUST DECIDE WHAT COMPONENTS OF THE SCENE TO INCLUDE FOR THE BEST AND MOST EFFECTIVE RESULT [we must view all from Christ’s perspective]; WE MUST BE ABLE TO LOOK AND SEE [AS GOD] !! – many look but do NOT see; we see what we know.