Christ is the gate, the door, the open door [John 10:1,2,7,9]; the hierarchy has “climbed up” another way [John 10:1], they are thieves and robbers — ** BUSINESS STANDS IN THE WAY OF BROTHERHOOD ** – their “ministry” is a spiritual abuse of the COG, they are being spiritually [psychologically] damaged; the COG Inc., claim to be the gate keepers, opening and closing the door; NO MAN CAN OPEN OR CLOSE THE DOOR FOR US !! — ** the “profit motive” of God = the other fellows benefit NOT our own !! ** – we employ our “gifts” for the common good, as these gifts are NOT our’s to use for private gain, they were given by God for the benefit of all, utilizing “OUR” resources [also given by God] RESPONSIBLY [in God’s character]; THIS IS OUR GLORY !! — IF WE “LOOK” AT OUR DEMOCRACY AND THE CAPITALIST SYSTEMIC, AND “SEE” GOD, ** THEN WE DO *NOT* “KNOW” GOD ** – the manipulated and then imposed “free will of the majority” is NOT the “free and agape will of God” – Israel has been “dispossessed” of God; IF YOU EMPLOY THE EVIL, OR ARE EMPLOYED BY THE EVIL, THEN YOU *ARE* THE EVIL, AND YOU *BECOME* THE EVIL !! – BY OUR EXISTENCE WITHIN, WE ARE COMPLICIT !!