Art exists in a context, ie., a social expression [drawn from …]; expressing an attitude(s), etc.; art [visual, music, performance, etc.] must be used to present God, to demonstrate God – OUR LIVES MUST BE ART; creating, nurturing and gifting soul and spirit, a deep penetration of the emotions !! – a “means” of gathering to appreciate God, to open consciousness to God, to impact with the beauty of His Spirit !! — the “sword of truth” is a forged identity, a symbolic [artistic] representation, a purveyor of meaning – communication of the Gospel is multi-faceted, heart-felt and deep, emotionally intimate [nothing is more intimate than the God relationship] !! – interdisciplinary presentation, bringing out different expressive features and approaches [interpretations; influences, etc.]; we must be conscious and appreciative of different disciplines and utilize them; termed “CONCILIANCE”: the inter-connected body of knowledge and discovery leading to WISDOM [recognition and utilization (application)].