The template of truth is Jesus Christ NOT a man or a hierarchy; the Christ-systemic [truth as instrumentality; AGAPE LOVE] — group cohesion behind leadership elements, power structures, are NOT the “one mind” of Jesus Christ — unpopular truths vs. favored truths maintained by induced fear; critical discussion discouraged and suppressed and/or expelled !! – the corporate “line” is wrapped around our necks, choking the life out of the body of Christ !! – THE PREVAILING SYSTEMIC OF THE COG INC., IS DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSED TO GOD !! – the “spirit of adversity”, of the Adversary is manifested in corporate monies, and the required use of such [by force of law]; WE ACQUIESCE [to agree or consent quietly without protest] TO AN EVIL INSTRUMENTALITY, AND EMPLOY IT FOR GOD [in our delusion], ACCEPTING THE CORPORATE DEFINITIONS IN, AND BY, OUR INCORPORATION !! – WE BECOME THE EVIL WE CLAIM TO BE WARNING THE WORLD ABOUT !! — Christian-ity is a *complete change of mind* [a complete withdrawal out of the world’s way], NOT a partial
change, accommodating [adapting; reconciling] what we want to keep of the world; accommodation(-ist) = promoting adaptation to, or compromise with, an opposing point of view – WE CANNOT COMPROMISE WITH EVIL, OR ADAPT, OR RECONCILE, CHRIST TO IT !! – DON’T WE SEE ?? – WE MUST APPLY CHRIST IN ALL WE DO, IN EVERY ASPECT OF OUR LIVES !! – WE MUST BECOME AS CHRIST [IN HIS FLESH AND SPIRIT] !! — if our realities [the harsh reality of everyday life and/or the pursuit of desires] override God in our lives, our existence, then we must change our individual reality(-ies) – evil cannot subsidize God, our God-ing [good cannot employ evil].