“Advertising” is perhaps the primary socialization force on earth; the industry is all the more influential because the less we pay critical, conscious attention to advertising, the more powerful its effects are upon us; it can transform anything into a part of the consumer universe, even the anti-materialist creeds of spirituality: “to be one with everything, you’ve got to have one of everything” – ** manna-consciousness ** helps us cross the spiritual desert without fear of starving [Shared Vision Magazine, Feb.02, “Zen Sells”] – ** IF YOU CARRY THE GOSPEL IN DEED, IN MIND, THE GOSPEL WILL CARRY YOU IN NEED, IN KIND !! ** – “preaching … as a witness” is NOT “advertising” God, it is our “being and doing” AS AN EXAMPLE OF GOD !! – the COG Inc., in spite of its claims to the contrary, is just advertising God with its “media” work(s); its “product” [Gospel as product] is flawed with its definitions and applications of the same – “globalization” of the Gospel [as business] is increasing spiritual poverty worldwide; potential spiritual wealth is replaced by immediate physical wealth [gain as Godliness;  equating the two] — the “land”, the “good earth” of the COG has been expropriated by the corporate; WE ARE SLAVES IN OUR OWN LAND !! – pillage, blood, expropriation, slavery, poverty; JERUSALEM BUILT BY BLOOD OF OPPRESSION — personal enrichment of the few by impoverishment of the many; the “use” of labor, of God and His family !! – the abuses of wealth to maintain its “own” interests; on their terms – “by the people” IN FORM, “of the people” IN CONTEXT = AGAPE COMMUNITY vs. the “manufactured desperation” [driven to, or resulting from, loss of hope; THE LOSS OF GOD] – monopolistic, ideological control vs. a “free” Gospel under God’s direction – ** WE ARE COMPLICIT IN OUR OWN ABUSE AND ABANDONMENT !! ** – WE MUST EDUCATE AND AGITATE [to stir up interest and support to effect change] !!