Parenting = an intimacy imperative [reasoning with love and limits]; OUR ROLE WITH GOD THE FATHER IS AS ** MOTHER ** [the Church as a living organism NOT an organization] and as ** WIFE ** [each of us as help-mate] OF JESUS CHRIST – ** WE ARE ONE FLESH WITH GOD ** !! — none of us are in the role of Christ, as husband; the divisions and conflicts, the hierarchy over laity = A GENDER WAR WITH CHRIST and/or ADULTERY WITH SATAN/BAAL – gender-bending at its worst negates the family relationship, and at its least confuses the issue — ** WE ARE GUILTY OF PARENTAL ABUSE **; WE ARE BEATING GOD’S CHILDREN INTO SUBMISSION, INTO SLAVERY – deep, internal injury and “chronic pain” is symptomatic of this inherent evil, this disease; ONLY GOD CAN PROVIDE RELIEF, THE HEALING !! — acute and chronic pain-control intervention is necessary – pain is a multi-factorial experience; chronic pain has a life of its own, it affects the whole body – NON-MALIGNANT PAIN can be difficult to cure; many hesitate to the point of disability – MALIGNANT PAIN WILL KILL — pain-management is NOT a goal; pain eradication is the goal – narcotic-medication [the self-medication of this agonized world] leads to dependence, not only on the drug but on the pain [as excuse] – WHEN YOU REMOVE THE HIERARCHIC NARCOTIC THE REALIZATION THAT WE ARE NOT HEALED BECOMES SELF-EVIDENT; THE HEALING PROCESS HAS BEEN IMPEDED (our conversion) – the pain of the *whole* body becomes apparent, IT IS DEEPLY FELT !! – patient-doctor trust is essential, crucial in treatment; DO WE TRUST GOD ?? – Christ is our physician [Matt 9:12, Mark 2:17, Luke 5:31]: the COG Inc., is a WIDESPREAD PAIN DISORDER; head-ache, “rest” disruption [Christ is Lord of the Sabbath NOT a man or men], systemic pain: a crippled, lame, body and mind – WE ARE COMPLICIT IN INFLICTING PAIN, NOT ONLY ON OURSELVES, BUT ON THE WORLD AS WELL !! – WE ARE NOT HEALERS, WE ARE THE VERY DISEASE !! – IF WE DO NOT ACT, GOD WILL REMOVE, PURGE, THE CONTAGION HIMSELF [by fire and brimstone (iniquity purged by mercy and truth)] !!