Our focus must be on the spiritual; we have got it backwards with our organizations, our “work’s”, in the physical – SPIRITUAL ISRAEL includes *all* those begotten — WE WALK, WE EXIST AS A SPIRITUAL BODY, AS GOD IN THIS WORLD, the very physical flesh of Jesus Christ, and ** HIS MINISTRY IS OUR MINISTRY **; that is why we were called and begotten “now”: to be God Family *NOT* just for training, in embryo, under a self-ordained ministry, but considered as if we were already born again, ministering our “spiritual gifts”, Christ’s Spirit in our flesh, “now” His flesh; Rom 13:13-14 LET US *WALK* HONESTLY, ** AS IN THE DAY ** … ** PUT YE ON ** [clothe with] THE LORD JESUS CHRIST – WE WALK AS CHRIST, *NOT* AS A MEMBER OF SOME ORGANIZATION DOING A WORK; ** OUR WORK IS BEING CHRIST, AS THE ANOINTED, SHARING CHRIST, SHARING OURSELVES, AS GIFT ** — the root of the word “kingdom” of God, is ** foot **, and the Ministry ripped our feet off, and the COG Inc., keeps us spiritually lame, ** DENYING THE VERY KINGDOM THEY PROFESS TO PREACH ** !! – they sold the poor for a pair of shoes [the physical path/work] – our feet must be shod with the preparation of the Gospel of Peace — the HONOR *given* to us is beyond comprehension, but NOT beyond belief [our work is to believe on Christ] and faith *of* Christ [application; faith without works is dead].