We are disconnected from the source; the COG Inc. Ministry is a FRAUD; we are impoverished, our habitat is being destroyed; our spiritual environment is polluted, and yet we continue to deny God and ourselves – we are NOT receiving nourishment from God, we are eating “fast-food”, a cheap [yet very expensive and non-sustaining in the long run] substitute, GOSPEL AS PRODUCT – food filler [man’s words] and sugar [flatteries] on the increase = obesity [increased with riches; eating too much and exercising too little] – high “fat” content [maintaining their hierarchy, their definitions], high sugar and salt foods [no savor]; mass marketing-media work – soda instead of the pure water of truth, full of sugar and effervescence, rotting our body – provision of components for this “fast-food” is destroying the “earth” [the truth; our habitation]; THIS FOOD IS FOR A CONSUMER [BRETHREN MADE MERCHANDISE] CULTURE [COG Inc., groups = encapsulation; a bitter pill to swallow]; higher consumption = more monies [MAMMON]; GOD AND HIS TRUTH AS COMMODITY – A MALNOURISHED MIND AND BODY IS THE RESULT !! – weighed and measured, pre-packaged, low nutritional value “happy-meals” to satisfy our “intellectual munchies” – the COG Inc.’s, heavily processed menu is not healthy food, and our spiritual illness is the result – THIS IS COMFORT FOOD, IT TASTES GOOD [AS HONEY IN THE MOUTH]; WE ARE MAKING GOD SICK; WE WILL BE SPEWED OUT OF HIS MOUTH; HIS BELLY IS BITTER !! — dangerous pathogens contaminating this food [Satan]; the manufacturing process is flawed – the various COG Inc., groups represent different flavors of cheap, proprietary, unhealthy food — HEALTHY, PATHOGEN FREE FOOD IS *SERVED* [ministered] ONLY FROM GOD’S TABLE, AND IT IS OFFERED WITHOUT MONEY AND WITHOUT PRICE !! vs. eat what “we” serve you or starve !! — the “seeds” of God’s truth are held as proprietary, copyright is claimed; no man can sow without corporate permission; ** THE BUYING AND SELLING OF GOD **; THIS EVIL MUST BE CONFRONTED WITHIN THE COG !!