We must remove the obstructions to God, those who “front” for him; when we have “sufficient realization” we will have reached our “breakaway point” and withdraw – we must come together around this common issue, we must present our understanding, discuss and reason with each other and with God – WE CANNOT KNOW AND JUST STAND-BY, WE MUST BE ENGAGED; a coordinated action plan is paramount at this time; we must provide the knowledge God has given us to prevent the destruction of the Family [Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed (H1820 TO CEASE, CUT OFF, BRING TO SILENCE, PERISH) for lack of knowledge (H1847 knowledge, perception, skill; discernment, understanding, wisdom): ** because thou has REJECTED knowledge **, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me:]; God’s people must be “given” the Gospel of the Kingdom as a witness [it is up to each brother and sister to decide for themselves; Matt 24] – Prov 11:9 An hypocrite [COG Inc.] with his mouth [fire of hell] destroyeth [H7843 CORRUPT, GO TO RUIN, DECAY; TO BE MARRED, BE SPOILED, MADE WASTE] his neighbour [H7453 friend, companion, fellow, fellow-citizen, intimate; H7462 feed, shepherd, pastor; to pasture, tend, feed; of ruler, teacher; of people as flock]: BUT THROUGH KNOWLEDGE SHALL THE JUST BE ** DELIVERED ** [H2502 to remove, draw out, withdraw, to be equipped, be rescued].