Defending an indefensible position = hierarchy’s fraudulent claims; DISCLOSURE = to reveal, make known, to bring into view, uncover; to open; revelation = an *educational intervention* vs. the legitimacy of the hierarchy, the credibility of its proponents [those who espouse (to take as a spouse; marry; give in marriage; to take up and support, or advocate)] in relation to God’s Way !! = ** DISCLOSURED DELIVERANCE ** — critical discourse and examination, checks and balances, a reasoning together vs. the emotive symbol of hierarchy and ministry: the false altar presented, the self-serving idol; GOD IS REAL *NOT* AN ILLUSION [a false idea or conception; a deceptive or misleading appearance or image; a false perception or interpretation] CREATED BY DELUSION [a false belief or opinion; a false, persistent belief maintained in spite of evidence to the contrary]; the COG Inc.’s delusive [tending to delude; misleading; unreal] hierarchy is an inversion [directly opposite in direction and position; GONE AWAY BACKWARD] of our response-ability(-ies) [our covenant with God is a ** SACRED CONTRACT ** not a business contract] – the “growth model” of the world, our friendship [association], must be rejected; OUR DEFINING OF THE GOD FAMILY AS HIERARCHICAL IS ABSOLUTE EVIL, AN ABSOLUTE DENIAL OF GOD, A COMPLETE LACK OF UNDERSTANDING, ** A STRONG DELUSION ** !! – our intimate relationship with our “husband” as His wife, a loving, sharing relationship has been co-opted; we have prostituted ourselves with the world, and mirroring the world situation, most of the prostitution is involuntary victimization by those who hold the power; we are being used and abused in a terrible oppression, and we have been so inured [made accustomed to; habituated] that we consider it God’s Way !!