The people of Israel [physical/spiritual] are God’s people, but the secular Nation-State/ corporate-Church [and mythic] is a rejection of God, of His systemic – America is *not* God’s nation, neither Canada, the UK, etc., exclusive nations/churches predicated upon business – anything done in their name, for their preservation and/or progress, to the detriment of a single human life, is in violation of God !! – Israel [as church/state] was intended to be a gift to the world, a God-ing !! – if we take, we negate; ** we become sin ** [opposed to God’s character in mind and action (our being and doing)], complicit in crimes against humanity !! – we not only commit sin, we *are* sin, our very being and doing constituting sin; we are ** spiritually ill ** — our spiritual illness is pervasive, a contagion [necessitating fire and brimstone (the pure and purifying Word of God); iniquity purged by mercy and truth] – Christ is only crucified once; the “second death” is our paying the penalty of, and for, our spiritual illness [we must die from the world again, Col 2:20]; the “Day of the Lord” is our purging and shame [washing our filthy rags (our unrighteousness) in the blood of Christ]; the “second death” is NOT cessation of existence, the fear emotive taught and used by the COG Inc. – God’s government/throne is a ** mercy-seat ** !!