The commodification of life is absolute evil – food, clothing, housing, health, education, clean water, etc., these are *birthrights*, NOT “needs” to be supplied by the corporate; SUSTENANCE AND SURVIVAL RIGHTS, FUNDAMENTAL AND INALIENABLE [CORNERSTONE OF THE COMMONS; ** REPRESENTED IN CHRIST ** (as source, means of life)] in the physical and in the spiritual vs. “naked and sick, starvation and drought” — the politics of resistance and the politics of transformation are a calling, a secular calling [immune system response]; people power, as self-governing people [community] vs. the corporate [we must target and *unmask* the corporate] – global-rule by the corporate must be challenged, the IMF, WB, WTO must be withdrawn from, services must be kept in the public arena [civil society; public monies]; corporate-government alliances, control, must be fought; global-finance, the global casino must end and a new democracy [physically/spiritually] must begin !!