Forgiveness requires action [iniquity is purged by mercy and truth]; FORGIVENESS IS A CHOICE, a giving up of the resentment [fear leads to anger, anger leads to resentment, action on the resentment leads to revenge]; resentment will turn on you, it will consume you – forgiveness is part of, necessary for, the healing process – unforgiveness is a trap; FORGIVENESS IS A GIFT TO THE OTHER, AND TO OURSELVES; IT IS AN ACT OF PERSONAL REDEMPTION – reconciliation and forgiveness are not the same thing [you may forgive an abusive spouse, but not be reconciled to him/her] – many see forgiveness as weakness, yet it is a moral response that requires great courage — the MINISTRY OF RECONCILIATION begins with forgiveness !! — forgiveness does not require the participation of the other, but an understanding of the hurt [real or imagined], the reasons, certainly help — many feel they must forgive God, for all the evil in the world; GOD IS NOT THE AUTHOR OF THE EVIL, WE ARE; we must forgive ourselves and accept the love of God and exemplify Him — THE PROCESS OF PAIN LEADS TO FORGIVENESS, INSIGHT !! — good and bad [big and little] are what we make of it; make it good and big !! — IN ORDER TO BE FORGIVEN WE MUST FORGIVE [… forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us …] — WE MUST UNDERSTAND WHAT WE ARE DOING TO EACH OTHER; ARE WE WALKING AS GOD OR AS SATAN ?? – WHO AND WHAT ARE WE ?? – are our interactions/motivations a gift, a benefit ?? — we cannot change the past, but we can and must reconcile the past with the present, to create the future, and this begins with forgiveness; we have the ability !!