Perfect, Holy, Righteous, Spiritual Character must be DEVELOPED by the CHOICE and INTENT of the one in whom it comes to exist !! – Jesus Christ “come” in the flesh; AS GOD IS, SO ARE WE IN THIS WORLD = the very “means” that God uses is the Godly character of His Family – the Baal systemic is a denial of this; its means are the world’s means and methods [as instrumentality; FOOLS, FOOLISH (cf. Proverbs)]; their [the COG Inc.] imperfect, unholy, unrighteous, physical [Satanic] character ** is a denial of their “anointing” and of the “anointed” [both Christ and His Body] ** — nothing is more important to God than His Family, and the conflict within [the confusion by mixing], the “sword” [the conflict of character and word] and the spiritual illness, threatens the very Body of Christ [… no “flesh” saved (salvation) alive], the very “flesh” of Jesus Christ, the very presence of God in this evil, dying world; the very ** saviors ** of this world !! — the ripple effects are now storm waves, foaming out the shame of the COG Inc., immersed in the “sea” of this world [Jude 1:13; Hosea 10:7, foam G7110 wrath, indignation, broken twig, splinter; G7107 to be displeased, be angry, fret oneself, be wroth].