Prophecy is NOT “the future” – prophecy is a ** determinant ** of the future, a presentation of choice and outcome; prophetic understanding is a result of an understanding of the now, the present situation through God’s eyes, using His mind !! – walking with God leads one down the right path, to the right choice !! – ** an “understanding” does NOT make one a Prophet ** !! – “reading into a future of cause and effect” requires the *deep things of God* NOT a denial of His gifts, His “anointing” and “anointed” !! — the New Age “our higher energy self” is a “demonism” for God’s Holy Spirit, a demonic substitution in definition and possession; ANOTHER SPIRIT, ANOTHER DYNAMIC IN ONE’S LIFE – A NEW LEVEL OF SATANIC CONSCIOUSNESS, BUT NOT A RISING, A LOWERING; DARKNESS NOT LIGHT – self-gratification in a self-gratified systemic = a god-level self !!