A NEW HUMAN-ITY, A PURE CHRISTIAN-ITY vs. the Faith of the Fallen — the only true and righteous value is family and community; shewbread community – the Anointed become servants of/to humanity as God Family – we claim to be “spiritual Jews” yet we negate our Christian-ity in and by our “physical” existence; our physical systemic *serves us* by the use of oppression and violence on others – the use/abuse of another is slavery, incl., “wage slavery,” especially “minimum” wage; all human beings have ** EQUAL RIGHT OF GOD ** !! – MAMMON MINIMIZES MOST; GOD LIFTS UP, BRINGS DOWN, AND EQUALIZES ALL !! — each and every moment of our lives, each experience of our existence must be a God-moment, a God-experience, every thought must be brought to Christ and His righteousness, in the service of the Family – we must reduce and finally eliminate the compromises, the contradictions that are seemingly inherent – the passage of time, the growing maturity, deepens the roots into truth, the deep things of God; we are being prepared of, and for, God [1 Cor 2:9-10] !! — Human [Human Spirit] and Christian [Human-God Spirit] are two beings of consciousness designed by God, the physical Human designed to receive the spiritual, the very Mind of God; the physical being a reflection of the spiritual – the spiritual mind is in service of the physical mind; the God-family is in service of the Human-family !! – a Christian Being is a ** new creation ** in Christ Jesus; an “evolutionary” jump in consciousness.