Human “carnal” society(-ies), religion(s) are a blend of good and evil, they are *not* the pure spiritual entity of the Kingdom, neither can they be – most who profess Christ are actually carnal/secular, their “being and doing” is NOT “of God”, but “of men”, though they yearn for God, they don’t seek for God and His way of truth; they are led astray off of God’s path and stumble, become lost, and are told they are saved [if only they knew God’s hand is outstretched to them, His ears open to their cry, if only they would turn to Him in repentance (a humble and contrite heart)]; THIS IS ALSO NOW THE SPIRITUAL CONDITION IN THE COG !! – the difference is that this is not the carnal expressing the spiritual [their Human spirituality], this is the Spiritual expressing their carnality, MUCH TO THEIR SHAME !! — “ministry” performing ritual or “the work” cause the people to err; it is the same story repeated over-and-over, and there is no difference in the COG; self-serving individuals standing in the place of God, denying and usurping the role of the brethren, with the brethren kept in abeyance.