The Gospel of the Kingdom is held/used in error within the COG Inc., and this part of the overall Gospel message must be preached as a witness; the Community of God and the Ministry of Gifts is this Gospel – WE MUST HOLD FAST WHAT WE HAVE, OUR RESPONSE-ABILITIES, WE MUST KEEP OUR CROWNS [GIVEN AS REWARD OF RIGHTEOUSNESS; Rev 3:11] !! – “no man” neither “any man” [no exceptions] are to come between us and God and His truth [“work out your own Salvation with fear and trembling” Phil 2:12] – arrogance and presumption in claiming and taking what rightfully belongs to all is not sourced from God and the servant family is negated as a result; we become servants to Mammon and its self-serving definitions [even redefining God] – instead of the spiritual defining the physical, the physical is defining the spiritual; this is spiritual illness, and the corporate church is the result.