Christianity articulates a very radical view: equity and righteousness – this is sedition to the business world [the very “crime” of Christ; WE MUST COMMIT “THE CRIME OF CHRIST”]; GOD-THINK vs. BUSINESS-THINK – this is anathema to the carefully maintained climate of public opinion based on fear, the very fear that would be eradicated by the equity and righteousness the fear-threat is predicated on [that equity and righteousness would take what is “rightfully” theirs] !! – the wall of oppression and ignorance holds back, shelters them from the winds of change; the manufactured, manipulated, consensus viewpoint is protected in their business interest, taking what is *not* “rightfully” theirs; the unrighteousness of MAMMON – what is rightful in the business context is NOT what is rightful in the God context !! – GOD GIVES/IS LIFE *NOT* MONEY – ** MONEY AS RIGHT [MAMMON] IS ABSOLUTE EVIL !! ** — we endure, tolerate each other, we put up with each other, as long as “they” are not too much in *our way*, or we are getting something from them, or if there is an advantage to be gained, or a law to be feared [impure, evil motives]; GOD IS PURE LOVE, PURE MOTIVE, AND SO MUST WE BE !! – if someone is regarded as “in our way” then we are regarded as “out of” God’s way, His path, in effect “in the way” of God, blocking Him; there is no “our way” as Christians, there is only God’s way: His character.