Non-judgmental alternative community and media must be freely offered to the world *in love*, real solutions reflecting the Will of God – the COG Inc., “warning work” to date consists of judgmental media commentary mixed with “the truth”, offering God’s solution in-and-by membership in the incorporated group/church/religion [whose very failure as the “people of God” continues the curses, providing them with additional fodder to comment upon] — THE CHURCH OF GOD IS THE MOST POWERFUL ENTITY TO EVER EXIST ON THE EARTH; ** THE FULL IMPACT OF GOD ** IS OUR’S TO DELIVER AND MINISTER !! – the business (in)corporation as thought/form, is the opposing manifestation [reflecting the imposed will of Satan; the Faith of the Fallen], whose primary motive and determination is money/profit; ** GOD’S PRIMARY MOTIVE AND DETERMINATION IS LOVE [in all of its meanings, applications and forms] ** — the realization of our potential, of our response-ability(-ies) is primary !! — mankind is *not* condemned to a “hell” nor should mankind “stand in fear of God” – man must be shown/taught that ** we condemn ourselves ** to a hell of our own design/making by not including, or by removing, God in our daily existence; we fall due to our own iniquities, we are taken in our own sins – ** GOD’S JUDGMENT IS FOR US TO LIVE IN LOVE AS HIS FAMILY !! **