Man’s carnal religion [business, the ersatz religion], is artfully [as craft] contrived, and imposed by politics [of a citizen(ry)] in all of its variants [the political economy (the early name for economics); politico-economics vs. Christianity]; politics being the science and art of political government – ** the Body Politic vs. the Body of Christ !! ** — [eco-, house, settlement, habitat; eco-logy (eco + logia), the *relations* between living organisms and their environment; ECO-LOGIA, PATHS TO DWELL IN; THE LOGOS OF GOD, THE WORD OF GOD = CHRIST; CHRISTIANS = LOGIA n. pl., sing. LOGION (Gr. pl., sayings, logos, a word); THE LOGIA (WORDS) OF GOD, GOD MADE MANIFEST]; ECOLOGY = CREATION (eco-system)/CHRISTIANITY — economy [eco + nomy (-nomy; to distribute, govern, arrange; the systematized knowledge of, or the system of laws governing); management of a household, state, resources; the body corporate] – religio-economics [of or having to do with the management of the Household of God] = LOGIO-NOMICS [management by the Word of God; the kingdom of God, the *relationship* (government) of God] — God is LIFE, yet to most of us “money” is embedded in our minds *as* life, equated with our very “being,” our ability to live — ** MONEY BECOMES GOD ** – money enables, underpins life, our lives; imposed *fear* [real and imagined] of one’s own survival or status; the promise or threat of money (MAMMON) – MONEY REPLACES OUR GIFT, OUR GIFTING TO EACH OTHER !! – each of us enables the other to live; **  our relationship(s) *are* life **; we provide for each other in community; LIFE IS FELLOWSHIP; EACH FREELY GIVES AND FREELY RECEIVES AS NEEDED; ** A SOCIETY OF THE GIFT, GIFTING GOD ** !! — ** MONEY IS THE REPLACEMENT OF OUR RELATIONSHIPS; MONEY REPLACES GOD ** !!